Our Programs & Courses

Full Time Grand Diploma Program

Grand Diploma Program is the most prestigious pastry education at our school. It combines the most in-depth and varied pastry education available in Western Canada. A small size kitchen classroom allows us to conduct a very hands-on and personal learning experience to fulfill your ambitions and pursue the dream of a pastry career. 

Professional Artisan Bread Baking Certificate Program

Are you planning on a career in bread baking? This Professional Artisan Bread Baking Certificate Program includes 6 courses, with a total of 48 hours of hands-on step by step learning.  Designed for home bakers who wants to learn bread making in a serious and professional setting. Master the art and science behind baking with us. 

Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program

If you want to become a skilled Cake Decorator, register for this Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program. Gain your knowledges with professionals to become a Professional Cake Decorator. Complete your Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program within 8 days of hands-on learning.

Professional Chocolate Diploma Program

The Professional Chocolate Diploma Program is designed for the aspiring Chocolatier who wants to learn chocolate making in a serious and professional setting. No matter if you’re a chef, foodie, or a student, if you’re a chocolate lover then this program is perfect for you. Learn the step-by-step techniques for mastering the skills of a Chocolatier.

Professional Pastry Training Certificate Program

 The Professional Pastry Training Certificate Program includes 10 courses, with a total of 80 hours of learning.                   Are you passionate about baking?         Do you have a dream of opening your                       own cake business?                      All of our classes are focusing on learning the pastry arts on a professional level and are 100% hands-on.

2024 seasonal courses high demand & popular

Asian Inspired Breads & Buns

Classic American Sweet & Savory Muffins Cupcakes & Buttercreams

Classic American Sweet & Savory Scones Quick Breads & Fruit Tarts

Summer Preserves, Jams, Marmalades, Chutneys & Jellies…

Seasonal-Classic Amercian sweet & savory muffins, Cupcakes, buttercreams

Discovering and learning how to make   the most iconic American Desserts. Classic American Red Velvet Cupcakes, Iconic Nanaimo Bars, Carrot Pineapple                  Cup Cakes, Savoury Muffins…          

Dates are coming soon…

seasonal - summer preserves,jams,marmalades, chutneys & jellies

   It’s summer jam season, preserve the      fresh summer flavors to enjoy all year      long. Learn the step by step of making      Summer Preserves, Jams, Marmalades,                   Chutneys and Jellies…

                             SOLD OUT!

seasonal-classic american sweet & savory scones, quick Breads & Fruit Tarts

  Discovering and learning how to make         the most iconic American Desserts.         Modern American Hibiscus Jelly Cake,       Iconic Bourbon Pecan & Walnut Tart,     Classic Scones, Pineapple Coconut Tarts,                              And more…                                            Dates are coming soon…                

- seasonal Bread Baking - Asian Inspired breads & buns


Want to learn to make the trendy soft, fluffy & tasty Asian style Breads & Buns?  

 Seats are limited, please register early

            25-26/July from 17:30 to 21:30                                   $325.00 + GST 

The Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver was founded in 2009 by fourth-generation and German born Master Pastry Chef Marco Röpke.

With over 40 years of experience,  worked at top hotels worldwide as Executive Pastry Chef, created countless memorable desserts with precision and creativity in the luxury hospitality industry includes Ritz-Carlton Beijing;  JW Marriott Hotel Beijing;  Four Seasons Hotel Toronto & Vancouver;  The Peninsula Hotel Beijing; Hilton Hotels in China, Japan; Forte Grand Hotel Dubai; Turnberry Hotel Scotland;  Balmoral Hotel Edinburg…Awarded Provincial Instructor Diploma.

Born and trained in Hamburg, Germany. He started young in his career. Helping out occasionally at the age of 6 in his parents pastry & bakery shop before starting his three year German pastry apprenticeship at the age of 15.

“Growing up in a pastry shop and just seeing it day in and day out, there was never really a question I would do something else.” -Marco Röpke