Seasonal and Special Pastry Training Courses

Book your seat early for our special seasonal courses in 2018!

Please register early, this course only offered once a year, seats are limited! 

The Seasonal and Special Pastry Training Courses are specialty and new courses that are not always a part of a series or related to each other. We change the themes regularly so check back often to see what is new. All courses are hands-on and everything learned can easily be re-created at home. Some courses are 4 hours long and others are 2 days back to back, 4 hours each. All ingredients, recipes, and snacks are included in the prices, as well as the use of kitchen tools. Please come dressed accordingly for kitchen work (casual dress and solid, closed toe shoes). You will have recipes to keep and you will need to a box to bring your creations home. Please refer to school courses for more detail regarding the course dates and fees.

  • Asian Inspired Breads and Buns on 25-26/June at 17:30
  • The Art of French Éclairs on 8/March at 17:30
  • The Art of French Macaroons on 7/March at 17:30
  • The Art of Cup Cakes on 18-19/June at 17:30
  • Summer Jam & Preserves on 28-29/May at 17:30 & 25-26/June at 10:00
  • Pastry Roulades on 4-5/June at 10:00
  • Black Forest Cake & German Pastries on 31/May-1/June at 17:30
  • European Christmas Cookies
  • Easter Chocolate Eggs