Student Feedback

” I’ve took several programs with Chef Marco Röpke at Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver. I’ve learned so much from him and now work at Ladurée, Vancouver. The French Chef from Ladurée headquarters really is impressed with my work & amazed with my professional formal training. The school offering impeccable curriculums; teach undeniable techniques; crazy fun atmosphere & tasty to the soul recipes… It was very important for me to realized how great it is to learn from Chef Marco Röpke. I wouldn’t conquer my fear of doing new thing without your help. I will be back to complete my training to receive my Grand Certificate. I’m so lucky that you’ve trained me. This is the best Pasty School in Vancouver! Thank you for leading me into this beautiful pastry world!

Kayo Bennett (graduated February 2015)

I have taken most of the bread courses and several of the pastry and chocolate classes. I love the relaxed atmosphere of the classes and the professional style of the training. Chef Marco’s passion for baking shines with a bright light and his classes are completely addicting. If you are looking to take a few classes to learn how to bake breads and pastries – do it here. You won’t be disappointed.

Mandy Scorrar ( taking classes since 2013)

I have been taking classes with Chef Marco since 2005, and till this day, he never ceases to amaze me. He is truly passionate about his work, enjoys every minute of it, and his creativity has no end. What I find fascinating is not only is he a true master in his field, he is also a wonderful instructor who takes his time and energy in giving you as much first hand experience in pastry as possible, in as many different ways as he can. His ingredients are always top quality, and he shares all his tips and techniques. I am a life-long student myself, but every class I take, I still learn lots, see lots and always, always, have a wonderful time.
“Yes Chef!” 🙂

Agatha Ding

” I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all the effort you have put into creating the, Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver. I have been a professional chef for over 30 years. I first came to the school to take the artisan bread baking class, as my husband and I had just completed building an outdoor wood burning oven at our home and I wanted a better understanding of baking breads and getting back to the traditional ways of artisan breads. I looked at many courses and I chose the Pastry Training Centre because the courses were broken down into 2 x 4 hour classes, very doable for people with busy lives and unable to commit to 6 month or even 1 year courses. As well, it makes it very affordable.

Once I attended the first class, I quickly realized how fortunate I was to find an instructor with so much willingness to share your vast experience, recipes and knowledge with your students. You have devised a curriculum that is thorough enough and not ” dummied down”, for professionals like myself, yet, easy and comprehendible for beginners. i especially like that you teach your students to understand and recognize the techniques and methods involved, instead of just following a recipe to the exact words.

I started with taking the artisan bread courses, but found other areas of interest in pastries and chocolate work. I have enjoyed these courses as a tune-up and verification of my knowledge and it has clarified many past-unanswered questions.

I would highly recommend the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver to anyone who enjoys baking and the wonderful world of desserts.

Marion Dobson (Season’s Fine Food Ltd)

I always thought I was a good baker but thought it might be fun to take a class at the Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver anyway. I quickly learned I didn’t really know much, but by the end of the first class I had learned so many tips and techniques. Marco is a fantastic instructor who obviously loves both pastry and teaching. By the end of the two consecutive four hour days of each class you will have produced five or six wonderful desserts. I have already signed up for more classes and intend to take them all. I have also purchased his online videos to help me remember all the techniques. I can’t be more emphatic in recommending these classes.

Robert Voigt