Chef Marco’s Tiramisu & Cannoli

30/September, 2019 at 10:00

  • Hands-on and Venetian Tiramisu (Chef Marco’s original Ritz-Carlton Hotel recipe)
  • Sponge finger, coffee syrup and mascarpone crème
  • Italian Cannoli, deep-frying of Cannoli’s, fresh ricotta making, filling and decorating

All made from scratch, action packed 4-hours introduction course to the amazing world of Italian Pastries. Learn the proper way of whipping up meringue by hand to make your own sponge fingers for most likely one of the best Tiramisu you ever had. Deep-fry your own cannoli shell, learn how to make your own fresh Ricotta cheese and fill the cannoli with the original Ricotta, chocolate and candied fruit filling.
No pre-requisite required for attend this course but we will touch base on some of the more technical aspects of pastries such as deep-frying, meringue whipping, piping etc. Previous baking experience will be a great advantage in attending this course.

Please wear solid, kitchen-friendly shoes, long pants, apron and kitchen towels are required for this course.

Price: $175.00 (+tax)

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