Travel Cakes-buttery, tasty and satisfying

7/October, 2019 at 10:00

  • Lemon Poppy seeds Cakes with candied lemon peel and fondant glaze
  • Salted Almond Financier Cake with Brown Butter Crumble and caramelized apples
  • Colombian Chocolate Cake with Caramel Crème and Chocolate Glaze
  • Coconut and home-made candied orange butter cake

Touching base on some of the basic and most fundamental baking techniques. The four-hour course designed for the pastry novice who would like to learn from the pros how to make some amazing and durable travel cakes. This course will introduce you to choosing the right ingredients and will teach you some baking technique to make you feel like a professional pastry Chef in your own kitchen while comfortable recreating these buttery and tasty cakes the next time.

Price: $175.00 (+tax)