The Art of Roulade Reinvented

Course schedule coming soon…

Old world roulades, under appreciated and partially forgotten are brought back to life in our “Roulades Reinvented Pastry Training Course”.

Students will learn important techniques such as sponge and meringue making and how to turn the old style pastry roulade into something festive, modern and delicate which surely will impress. No pre-requisite is required for attending this Pastry Course but previous baking experience is an advantage in this hands-on and fast paced course.Students are required to bring at least 2 tea/kitchen towels not smaller then 16″ x 12″ dimensions.

This is a back-to-back course and the second part of this course will continue on the next day at the same time. This is also a hands-on course and your desserts can be either consumed in class or taken home for your enjoyment. Bring cake boxes on both days to carry your creations home.

We will be working on the following desserts, however, depending on the season, the course outline could change slightly:

  • Cardinal Roulade, with raspberry creme and minted fresh raspberries
  • Lemon Chiffon Sponge, with vanilla creme and fresh strawberries
  • Pear Charlotte Sponge Roulade, with grenadine poached pears