Full Time Grand Certificate Program

Your next Grand Certificate Program will start on 8/January, 2018. Complete The Grand Certificate Program within 3 month is now possible Full Time Grand Certificate Program include the following: Professional Pastry Training Program (80 hours) Professional Cake Decorating Program (64 hours) Professional Artisan Bread Baking Program (64 hours) Professional Chocolate Diploma Program (56 hours plus Final

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Complete Your Professional Chocolate Diploma Program within 2 weeks is possible!

**2017 Winter Only** Professional, Intensive, Compact and Highly Recommended! From 01- 15/December, 2017 (10:00-16:00) Tuition Fee: $2488.00 (tax included) This Professional Chocolate Diploma Program is designed for the aspiring chocolatier who wants to learn chocolate making in a serious and professional setting. The Professional Chocolate Diploma Program offers you a total of 60 hours of Chocolate Training, 2 weeks in

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Seasonal and Special Pastry Training Courses

Book your seat early for our special seasonal courses in 2017! Please register early, this course only offered once a year, seats are limited!  The Seasonal and Special Pastry Training Courses are specialty and new courses that are not always a part of a series or related to each other. We change the themes regularly so check back often

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