Complete Your Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program in 8 Days! 夏日8天专业艺术蛋糕装饰证书课程

Summer Schedule! This Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program can only be taken as a full series. Receive your Certificate within 8 days of professional training. Tuition Fee $2288.00  6-15/August (4 days a week) from 9:00 to 17:00 8月6日至15日(每周四天)早9点至下午5点-夏日专科证书课程 8天突破教学授课,零基础入门,当学员顺利完成了8天课程将获得艺术蛋糕装饰课程证书。上课提供所有材料和工具, 您的专属厨师制服和本校围裙毕业后可当纪念品留存。授课内容包括: 蛋糕烘焙制作 翻糖艺术蛋糕装饰和艺术装饰技能 异形蛋糕的制作,造型和艺术装饰 翻糖花卉制作,裱花,压花技术 花朵上色和配色技巧 干佩斯,糖霜制作 艺术糖的制作,烹调和上色 拉糖,裱花和缎带的制作 球形和水果,小动物形状吹糖制作等 学费:$2288.00 (包含税款;8天课程配方;制服;围裙) 欢迎国际学生加入本期课程,无需学生签证和附加学费,学员数量有限,请提前报名或致电604-569-1680问询申请课程条件和报名要求。

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Retail Store & Corporate Event Chocolate Gift Boxes

We carry a wide range of baking supplies and tools includes cake supplies, bread-making supplies, chocolate making and sugar art-work supplies. Seasonal limited chocolate gift boxes and jams also can be purchased in our school retail shop. Our highly awarded handcrafted chocolates and truffles are made with fine, natural ingredients, without artificial flavors, preservatives or

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