Complete Your Professional Chocolate Diploma Program within 2 weeks is possible!

IMG_8334**2017 Winter Only**

From 01- 15/December, 2017 (10:00-16:00)

Receive your Promotion Discount Price when you register before 30/September : $2388.00 (tax included).

Tuition Fee: $2488.00 (tax included)- when you register the program after 30/September, please register early to receive your discount!

Professional, Intensive, compact and highly recommended!

This Professional Chocolate Diploma Program is designed for the aspiring chocolatier who wants to learn chocolate making in a serious and professional setting. The Professional Chocolate Diploma Program offers you a total of 60 hours of Chocolate Training, 2 weeks in a row, leading to a final exam on the 15th of December. Rescheduling is not available for this Professional Chocolate Diploma Program.