Complete Your Professional Chocolate Diploma Program within 2 weeks is possible!

To celebrate the partnership between The Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver and Casa Luker from Colombia!
Receive your 10% discount when you register the upcoming Chocolate Diploma Program (19th of November to 5th of December – Winter Boot Camp from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm) to complete your Professional Chocolate Diploma Program with in 13 days of learning.
Your Discount Price: $2599.00 (tax included) when you complete your registration before 15th of October.

**2018 Winter Only** Complete your Diploma Program with 13 days (72 hours of learning) is now possible!

Tuition Fee: $2888.00 (tax included)-when you register after 15th of October

This Professional Chocolate Diploma Program is designed for the aspiring chocolatier who wants to learn the fine chocolate making in a serious and professional setting.

Please email us to require the application form or call us at 604-569-1680 to register.

Seats are limited, please register early!