New Courses in 2018!

Please register early, course only offered once or twice a year, seats are limited!

  • Advanced Chocolate Show Piece (12 hours course)

10-11/December, 2018 from 10:00-16:00

Price: $450.00 (+tax)

  • Mastering French Soufflés (4 hours course)

13/December at 17:30

Intimidated by Soufflés, planning to impress your dinner party?
Join us for our special pastry course – Mastering French Soufflés, no pre-requisite required but some previous baking experience will be an advantage.
Price: $165.00 (+tax)

  • Amazing Italian Tiramisu (4 hours course)

14/December, 2018 at 17:30

Join us for our new special pastry course – Italian Tiramisu, no pre-requisite required but some previous baking experience will be an advantage.
Tired of knock-off Tiramisu versions? Learn with us how to make all from scratch an amazingly light and tasty authentic Tiramisu. Of course also include freshly-made sponge fingers, coffee syrup and the assembly of the Tiramisu with a light mascarpone creme (containers from the Tiramisu are provided).
To turn your Tiramisu into the perfect dessert we will also whip up some caramelized pecan nut Biscotti’s and demonstrate how to make Pistachio Gelato.
Price: $165.00 (+tax)

  • Tradition & Modern German Baking & Christmas Goodies Week ( 30 hours course)

17-21/December, 2018 from 10:00-16:00

Once a year special, 5 days (30 hours) of an introduction to baking and its technique portrayed in traditional and modern interpretation of well known German classics with a seasonal Christmas twist.

This is a fast-paced pastry course and some serious baking experiences are required and strongly recommended. If you happen to be a novice baker with none or limited experiences then The Pastry Training Certificate Program would be more suitable. As with all of our courses, we focus on the development of hand-skills and our courses are very hands-on and students need to be reasonable fit and enthusiastic about working with their hands.

Price: $1250.00(+tax) for 5 days (30 hours)