Full Time Grand Diploma Program

The Pastry Training Centre of Vancouver’s Grand Diploma Program is the most prestigious pastry education at our school.
It combines a total of 256 hours of learning and is respected across the culinary and pastry industry in Vancouver, British Columbia and beyond.
It combines the most in-depth and varied pastry education available in Western Canada.

Professional Pastry Training Certificate Program

The Professional Pastry Training Certificate Program includes 10 courses, with a total of 80 hours of learning.
Students will work individually.

Professional Artisan Bread Baking Certificate Program

This Professional Artisan Bread Baking Certificate Program is designed for home bakers who wants to learn bread making in a serious and professional setting.
Offers you a total of 48 hours of hands-on Training.

Professional Chocolate Diploma Program

Learn the step-by-step techniques for mastering the skills of a Chocolatier.

The Professional Chocolate Diploma Program is designed for the aspiring Chocolatier who wants to learn chocolate making in a serious and professional setting.

No matter if you’re a chef, foodie, or a student, if you’re a chocolate lover then this program is perfect for you!

Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program

Compact, Intensive, Professional and highly recommended.
If you want to become a skilled Cake Decorator, register for this Professional Cake Decorating Certificate Program.

2024 Seasonal Courses (8 hours only)


* Asian Inspired Breads & Buns

* Classic American Cakes, Pies & Cheesecake

* Classic American Muffins (sweet & savory), Cupcakes & Buttercreams

* Classic American Cookies & Brownies Plus Gluten Free Options

* Classic American Scones (sweet & savory), Quick Breads & Fruit Tarts

* Summer Preserves, Jams, Marmalades, Chutneys, Jellies



Chef owned and operated, we offer serious and intense hands on courses for professionals and aspiring home chefs.

Classes are taught in a maximum 8-1 student / Instructor ratio with a very hands-on approach to learning the fundamentals of baking to fulfill your ambitions and pursue the dream of a pastry career. Through small size classes, working with first class quality ingredients, we share our passion and knowledge.

Each student will have their own individual work station and their own exclusive set of materials. Students will work individually.

Get certified professional training from Master Pastry Chef Marco Röpke.